Currency is the largest financial market and enjoys highest direct individual investor participation globally. Currency markets opened up for Indian investors in 2009. Despite of it’s global popularity, Currency as an asset class is grossly underrated in India. This is because it is still in a nascent stage in India combined with a lack of awareness and credible expertise.

A Global Asset Class, Now Within Your Reach

Kunvarji is your reliable partner in Currency market investing.

Volatility in global economy has made Indian companies vulnerable to currency price fluctuation. Kunvarji can help safeguard your business from market uncertainties through its Risk Management Services.

A wonderful medium for short-term investing.

Currency markets offer unique investment opportunity based on philosophy of low risk and moderate return. Currency exchange rates are relatively less volatile and offer an excellent medium of investing due to its small contract size (as low as $1000 or approximately Rs. 60,000/-). With a low entry barrier, it could be a wonderful medium for short-term investing.


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