Financial Services

Build your financial future with Kunvarji. Kunvarji offers a breadth of financial services supported by seasoned professionals ready to listen and offer you the necessary to enrich your finances.

Kunvarji Is Your Reliable Partner To Help You Shape Your Financial World We understand that your business and future depends on how well you safeguard and boost your finances…

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Agro Commodity

Kunvarji, endowed with six decades of reputed standing and rich legacy specializes in trading and procurement of agro commodities and their derivatives across the globe. With a vision to convert trading into a service business, the organization moves towards its goals with simplistic values and processes.

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Real Estate

At Kunvarji, we believe in being a strategic partner to your real estate investment requirements. Our business here is to focus on enhancing the value of your assets by growing your investments. Kunvarji understands the real estate market thoroughly.

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Integrated Logistics

Kalyx Warehousing is an organization determined and dedicated to moving beyond the causes like an increase in agricultural production, green revolution, white revolution, and blue revolution that are facing the troubles of stagnation and ceiling force for further increments. With our warehousing services, we focus on efficient processes and services that contribute to better product availability.

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Wealth Management

Our professional and trained fund managers or advisors take it as their fiduciary responsibility to protect and generate a superior return at a given risk compared to the no brainer relevant benchmark and peers.

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