Kunvarji Fincorp Pvt. Ltd. a NBFC and subsidiary of the group, provides wide range of debt related products at competitive terms like, margin funding, loan against shares/loan against properties and also investment related products like, share pledging.


Indians are great in savings, but when it comes to investment and debt raising they are very unorganized and illogical. There is huge potential for growth in this segment both in terms of Quantity and Quality. In a country of over 1.3 billion people, there are less than 10 million mortgages outstanding-most with very low balances And aggregate debt of the country as a percentage of GDP is relatively low at 128% for India versus 175% fore merging markets as a group, 244% for the U.S., 249%for China, 257% for the Euro zone and 379% for Japan. (doesn’t explain how you provide this service and its benefits)


Loans under this segment are typically short-term advances and primarily cater to the temporary finance requirements of clients under our broking and wealth management businesses. We have strong synergies within our businesses which enables cross-selling of the financial products across our wealth management and broking verticals.

Our product basket includes

  • Loans against Shares/Mutual Funds/Bonds
  • Promoter Funding
  • IPO/ OFS Financing
  • Margin Trade Funding
  • Structured Finance

To know more, email: support.loan@kunvarji.com

Kunvarji Group

Since its inception sixty years ago, Kunvarji has come a long way. The firm, founded by the luminary Shri Kunvarjibhai Roopshibhai Thakkar stands tall as one of the topmost financial institutions in the country today.