Kalyx has a defined protocol of its scientific storage and quality management system in accordance with various institutions and regulatory authorities. We maintain and deliver the quality we receive from our client, for that we take care of every minute variable which can impact the preservation of goods.

Safety & Security


Due care to scientific and operational elements for storage structure and location

  • No location in flood prone area
  • Optimum plinth level
  • Sound wall, floor and roof
  • Optimum ventilation / aeration
  • Adequate Firefighting system
  • Address to pests management
  • 24X7 fire hydrant with 1.5 lakh litre water tank backup
  • 9 feet high boundary wall with barbed wire top fencing
  • 24X7 electronic surveillance with IP based CCTV system
  • 24X7 multiple security guards


  • Single compound covered space from 90000 Square feet to 150000 square feet
  • Clear plinth of 3.2 feet
  • Clear roof height of 20 feet side and 26 feet centre
  • Multiple loading / unloading bays
  • Curtain to curtail birds entry
  • Hanging bays to curtail rodents entry
  • Connectivity to road
  • Availability of weighing facilities
  • Proper lighting and electricity facility
  • Entire compound covered by drainage channel
  • WDRA specifications
  • Three story fully furnished building comprising office, laboratory, rest house
  • In campus weighment scale
  • Open space for multiple vehicle parking
  • Designed to integrate with processing and packing facility

Company in Lines

Since its inception sixty years ago, Kunvarji has come a long way. The firm, founded by the luminary Shri Kunvarjibhai Roopshibhai Thakkar stands tall as one of the topmost financial institutions in the country today.

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