Fund managers or advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to its customers to protect and generate a superior return at a given risk compared to the no brainer relevant benchmark and peers. But, data suggest that the majority of the fund managers and advisors across times and cross countries have failed to do so, either because of insufficient capabilities or lack of discipline.

We at Kunvarji, have consistently performed, largely because of a disciplined, unbiased, process and data-driven multi-asset, multi-strategy framework. Our professional team of fund managers and advisors protect and generate a superior return on your investments.

Diversified holdings in grains, oilseeds, softs, energy, industrial metals and forex markets by investing in Indian commodity derivative markets and spreads.

Portfolio Management Services

Kunvarji group offers a discretionary PMS (Portfolio Management Service) which is specially designed for the HNIs/NRI backed by top-class research and managed by professional fund managers.

We provide direct equity investment through a combination of deep market research, right time investment entry
and regular management of the portfolio such that it converts into successful investing.


  • Minimum Investment size is Rs 50 Lac.
  • Portfolio manager will independently manage the funds of clients.
  • Active portfolio rebalancing to beat dynamic market performance.
  • Strong risk management through proper diversification.

Your Portfolio Risk Measures

  • Alpha:   Alpha is the excess return of the fund over the benchmark.
  • Beta:   Beta is a measure of the risk of the portfolio in comparison to the benchmark. A value of Beta<1 means lower risk than the benchmark while a Beta >1 means the risk is higher than the benchmark.
  • Annual Tracking Error:  Tracking Error is the divergence of the portfolio in comparison to the benchmark. It explains the excess risk in the portfolio as compared to the benchmark. It should be understood along with the Information Ratio. Information
  • Ratio:  Information Ratio (IR) explains the risk adjusted performance of the fund against the benchmark. IR is the ratio of portfolio excess returns (against the benchmark) divided by the Tracking Error. IR>1 is very good as it means that the excess return generated was greater than the excess risk vis-a-vis the benchmark.
  • Maximum Drawdown:  Maximum Drawdown is the maximum historical loss realized by the portfolio on a Mark to Market (MTM) basis. It indicates the maximum downside risk over a specified time period. A Maximum Drawdown lower than the benchmark indicates a better risk-adjusted portfolio.

Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy is to safeguard the Portfolio from three types of risks:

  • Business Risk – Focus on High Quality Business
  • Balance Sheet Risk – Exposure Preferably to net cash companies (Cash > Total Debt)
  • Valuation Risk – Favorable reward to Ratio

Advisory Services

Being rich is temporary stardom but being wealthy means long term financial sustainability. However, wealth creation is long time activity guarded by professionals who expertly advice right portfolio after profiling properly for the risks attested. Kunvarji group provides new generation model portfolio advisory services to clients to achieve their long term financial goals and wealth building.


  • Investment size for all segment of clients.
  • Plethora of Equity model portfolios for different risk type.
  • Active management to achieve good returns and control risk through model allocations.

Mutual Fund

Smart And Hassle-Free Investing For Everyone

Mutual Fund is made up of a pool of funds collected from many investors for investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, money markets and similar assets. At Kunvarji, our fund managers are responsible to invest the funds such that it creates maximum gains for the investors. We structure your mutual fund’s portfolio to match the investment objectives and follow strict legal compliance as per the regulator’s guidelines.


One of the main advantages of mutual funds is that they give small investors access to professionally managed, diversified portfolios of equities, bonds and other securities. If you do not have the time, inclination or expertise in investing, Mutual Funds can be your perfect companion to fulfill your investment needs.

Kunvarji Offers A Variety Of Mutual Fund Investing Options Based On Your Risk Profile And Investment Needs

  • Debt Mutual Funds for stability and steady return
  • Systematic Investment Plan (SIPs) to fulfil your long term financial needs
  • Fixed Maturity Plans (FMPs) as a risk averter and tax-efficient investment vehicle
  • Tax saving investment options such as Tax-free bonds and ELSS schemes

Kunvarji’s Mutual Fund Advantage

Kunvarji possesses a comprehensive understanding of Mutual fund industry to help you identify the right Mutual Funds.We recognize your risk profile, grasp investment objectives and design a mutual fund investment program that suits you.


Insurance is a financial instrument for risk mitigation and safety. It allows a large number of citizens to pool their financial resources under a common entity, so that money can be reimbursed to an appropriate person at the time of calamities. We believe that there is nothing more important than covering your life and valuable assets from uncertainties and calamities.

We protect you from uncertainty with Superior Choice of Financial Instruments


  • Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Group Medical / Health Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Four Wheeler Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Burglary Insurance
  • Fidelity Insurance
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Group Accident Policy
  • Personal Accident
  • Coverage
  • Travel Insurance

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Company in Lines

Since its inception sixty years ago, Kunvarji has come a long way. The firm, founded by the luminary Shri Kunvarjibhai Roopshibhai Thakkar stands tall as one of the topmost financial institutions in the country today.

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