Kunvarji offers a breadth of financial services supported by seasoned professionals ready to listen and offer you tools necessary to enrich your finances. Read More FINANCIAL SERVICES Fulfill your property dreams with help of professional Real Estate services with the use of technology. Read More REAL ESTATE Grow your funds, with a disciplined, unbiased, process and data driven multi-assets, multi-strategy framework. Read More WEALTH MANAGEMENT A retail brand of Kunvarji is marking its presence worldwide with a distribution network in India and in few eastern countries. Read More AGRO COMMODITY With 7,000,00 Sq ft. of warehouse capacity, Kunvarji is marking its presence in four state across India. Fulfilling the need of government and private company for managing their agro commodity space requirement. Read More Integrated Logistics

Our Businesses

As always, partners grows with you!

Financial Services

At Kunvarji, we believe that your business and future depends upon how well you are capable of safeguarding and amplifying your finances.

Agro Commodity

At Kunvarji, we understand the agro commodity chain thoroughly. With the help of our expertise and access to diverse markets

Integrated Logistics

Despite growth in agriculture and allied industries in India, warehousing has remained a critically weak link for this sector.

Real Estate

At Kunvarji, we believe in being a strategic partner to your real estate investment requirements.

Wealth Management

Our professional team of fund managers and advisors protect and generate a superior return on your investments.


Driven By Knowledge

Since its inception 60 years ago, Kunvarji Group has come a long way. The firm, founded by the luminary Late Shri Kunvarjibhai Roopshibhai Thakkar stands tall today as one of the leading Financial Institutions in the country.

Ethical business approach, time bound services, and high- quality products have helped Kunvarji Group to achieve an esteemed position in the market. The company has been persistently focusing on Trusting People and helping them achieve their insight. It is precisely this faith in people and Kunvarji’s ability to trust as well as reinforce relationships over the years that has helped the company grow to its present stature and size.

Client-Centric Approach

Valuing Employees as Real Assets

Mutual Trust & Long Lasting Relationships

Excellence and Accountability


Excellence and Accountability

Leading through Knowledge & Technology

Value Creation for our Esteemed Clients & Stakeholders

Shri Kunvarjibhai Roopshibhai Thakkar

Kunvarji is named after the esteemed visionary of this venture Shri Kunvarjibhai Roopshibhai Thakkar. His perspectives and teachings have helped us grow and sustain the legacy of the brand Kunvarji.


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